Ireland day 7 & 8

Yesterday, the 17th, we went to a swimming pool with many slides and fun games. We were very excited and when we arrived the swimming pool was very big, it was very fun! After we went to the swimming pool we had a snack! We had a fun day! Today, the 18th, we visited an old castle in the village … Continue Reading ››

Ireland day 5 & 6

Yesterday, Monday June 15th we went to the beach to practice crab fishing. After we found the best place for fishing, we got the limpets and put them on a string with a rock (as a weight). We started throwing the string in the sea and the first one that got a crab was Martina. After her we started … Continue Reading ››

Ireland Day 3 & 4

Yesterday, Saturday June 13th, we went to the "Dublin zoo". Arrived there we divided in three groups: Michela, Maria Chiara, Prisca, Benedetta, Angelica and Giulia formed the first group; Allegra, Martina, Giorgia and Chiara formed the second group; Cristina, Maria and Maria formed the third one. We saw beautiful animals, for example tigers, giraffes, elephants, zebras and South American penguins. We are … Continue Reading ››

Ireland- Day 1&2

Today, Thursday June 11th, 10 girls left Italy to arrive in Ireland. We are very excited because for most of us, it's the first time we left Italy without our parents. Our names are: Martina, Allegra, Giorgia, Giulia, Chiara, Michela, Prisca, Angelica, Maria Chiara and Benedetta. We are sleeping in a house in the countryside of Gorey, a little town near … Continue Reading ››

“L’arte di educare nell’era digitale”. Alla Petranova conferenza della dottoressa Mariolina Ceriotti Migliarese

 “E’ il tempo che tu hai perduto per la tua rosa che ha fatto la tua rosa così importante. Gli uomini hanno dimenticato questa verità. Ma tu non la devi dimenticare. Tu diventi responsabile per sempre di quello che hai addomesticato. Tu sei responsabile della tua rosa….”. (A. de Saint Exupery, “Il Piccolo Principe”) Mai come oggi … Continue Reading ››

il giornalino della Petranova